You know the one about the wood for the Abbey refectory roof ………. well, now there is another amazing, miraculous Iona story!  On Saturday 4th August, Benedicte happened to be working in the office so she was there to receive email confirmation that the Iona Community had been awarded the assets of a charity called The Ark of the Covenant. The sum gifted to the capital appeal is an amazing £880,000!

The Ark Trustees were required by the Charity Commission to identify charities with similar aims and purposes so that residual funds could be allocated appropriately. In December, 2017, Iona Community Trustees met with the Ark of the Covenant Trustees and subsequently, in the new year, the Ark Trustees recommended to the Charity Commission that funds be transferred to Iona Community. Since January 2018, we have needed to wait for final confirmation which arrived on 4th August: ‘the Charity Commission has ruled once and for all that the Ark money is to be given to the Iona Community for the renovation or refurbishment of its community buildings on Iona.’

Knowing this sum was a real probability created the opportunity to bring the planned build period forward by one year. Therefore, on 18th August, 2018, Iona Council will meet to make a final decision about Phase 2 proceeding during November 2018 and to be completed by end December, 2019.

 As we give thanks to God for this unexpected and generous blessing, please will you hold Council and Iona Abbey Project Group in your prayers on that day.